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At Grand Bend Family Dental, we provide personalized and comprehensive dental care at affordable rates for our patients. We do our best to ensure that we communicate any financial charges before your appointment.

Explore the details below about our Direct Insurance Billing services and Flexible Payment Options. If your preferred method is not listed, kindly contact our office and we can discuss how we can best accommodate you.


We are committed to assisting you in maximizing your dental insurance benefits. Our office will bill your insurance provider directly. Kindly bring your insurance information to your appointment for prompt reimbursement processing.

Please be aware that disparities may arise between our fees and your insurance policy’s payment policy and fee guide year. Familiarizing yourself with your insurance policy, including coverage details and limitations, is advised.

We also accept payment through:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Interac Debit
  • Cash
  • Personal Cheque, Certified Cheque or Money Order


At Grand Bend Family Dental, we recognize that the expense associated with dental treatment can often discourage individuals from seeking assistance. That is why we have the following flexible payment options for you.


We have partnered with Lendcare to offer you a convenient, more flexible payment option.

Lendcare offers easy financing with a quick and simple online application, terms of up to five years, and flexible payment options (either bi-weekly or monthly).

How Can I Get Pre Approved?

Complete the Application

Choose from loan categories below and apply online

Get an Instant Decision

You get quick approval decision

Move forward

Make your purchase or book your appointment


You make scheduled payments over a set period of time to pay back the money loaned to you. Interest accrues at a fixed rate daily. If you are approved for a payment plan, your repayment schedule will be determined within the terms of the loan agreement. You will make your loan principal and interest payments in scheduled installments over the approved length of time.

If you need to change and/or update your bank account information, payment amount, or payment due date, please contact LendCare or our clinic directly.

Currently, we do not offer direct personal loans. Our personal loans are only offered to select individuals who receive a special invitation from us to apply. If you have not received a verified text or email link from LendCare, you do not qualify for a personal loan.

Yes! You can make additional payments at any time – and pay off your loan early with no prepayment penalty or fees.

Yes! You can make additional payments at any time to reduce the principal balance and accelerate your loan repayment.

For access to payment plan statements, balance letters, payout letters, and release letters, please contact LendCare or our clinic directly.

LendCare finances a host of dental procedures, like implants and veneers. Do not hesitate to contact our team for a complete list or to see if a specific treatment qualifies for financing.

Healthcare loans range from $500 to a maximum of $15,000, with amortization between 12-60 months and interest rates between 14.99% – 29.9%. The amortization and interest rate depend on an applicant’s current financial state.

After approval and completion of ID verification and payment details, one of our Healthcare Specialists will contact you. From there, you can schedule your treatment, and—once completed—Lendcare will pay our clinic directly.

Lendcare’s Healthcare Financing program has no upfront fees due. There is a one-time administration fee; however, that gets added to your loan amount.