Is it Safe to Visit the Dentist When Pregnant?

Visiting the dentist is key to maintaining optimal oral health. It is a healthy practice and impacts your overall health and well-being. When you are pregnant, you should be aware of how your health impacts your unborn child. So, with that being said, many moms often wonder about visiting their dentist during pregnancy. Is it safe to visit the dentist when pregnant? Absolutely, going to the dentist is 100% safe, even when you are pregnant. Your dentist will safely be able to perform regular check-ups and cleanings.

Dentistry and Pregnancy
In fact, going to the dentist is almost more important when you are pregnant. With varying hormones, pregnancy can take a toll on your general dental health. Within the first few months, many expectant moms experience frequent morning sickness. This exposes the teeth to unnatural amounts of harmful acids. Additionally, expecting moms tend to eat at different times, which can also contribute to tooth decay and compromised oral health.

Oral X-Rays and Pregnancy
As an expectant mom, you may be concerned about radiation from x-rays and how it will impact your pregnancy. Rest assured, your dentist will only request x-rays if it is absolutely necessary. In the event they do need to complete oral x-rays, you can feel comfortable knowing that the dentist takes appropriate safety measures and is under strict guidelines from radiation professionals to keep their patients safe.

Fillings During Pregnancy
Just because you are pregnant does not mean you should not, or cannot, see a dentist for cavity fillings. If you leave your cavities until after pregnancy, they could be even more of a problem. Your dentist will likely locally numb the area with pregnancy-safe anesthetics and perform the restorative treatment. In most cases, your dentist will not use general anesthesia and you will be fully awake during the procedure.

Maintaining Oral Health During Pregnancy
In addition to scheduled dental visits, keeping up with your oral health at home is critical to a healthy pregnancy. Make sure you continue to brush and floss your teeth twice a day. Be mindful of how your personal diet will impact your unborn child’s development as well. By eating a healthy mix of foods, you are sustaining your oral health and the development of your baby.

Overall, do not count out your dentist as an essential doctor during your pregnancy. Dentists at Grand Bend Dental have the necessary tools and experience to take care of your teeth, even during pregnancy. Call today to schedule your next appointment at our dental clinic in Grand Bend.